Elysium Signature Facial – (55 minutes)
This classic facial begins with an evaluation of your skin. The aesthetician listens to your concerns and formulates a treatment customized for your specific skin type. The Elysium Signature Facial will address all skin concerns with the appropriate enzyme and potent mask that is best suited for YOU. After this facial your skin will look and feel amazing!

Teen Clean (45 minutes)
Ideal facial to introduce teens aged 13-19 years to good skin care. This facial is formulated to give teens effective, deep pore cleansing using digestive enzymes to gently support normal to problematic skin. Salicylic acid, green tea and aloe vera aid to balance oil, provide an antioxidant support, and offer purifying benefits to normal and oily/acne prone skin. The soothing relief of rosemary and basil plant extracts creates a healing, calming effect for more vibrant skin. Great for existing acne and the prevention of new outbreaks.

Pineapple Express (30 minutes)
Pressed for time? Immediately refresh aged, sluggish and depleted skin with the gentle exfoliation action of pineapple enzyme. High content of acai fruit, cocoa bean extract and Arctic cranberry seed oil infuse the skin with all important antioxidants which support hydration resulting in healthy, revitalized skin. Guaranteed to brighten your skin, and day!

Tranquility Rosacea Relief (55 minutes)
Frustrated from seeing Red? The Rosacea Relief facial is the comforting choice for inflamed, sensitive, or reactive skin. We begin by infusing the skin with highly specialized anti-inflammatory and calming serums which relieve the visible signs of facial redness. This unique facial uses proprietorial, cutting edge, plant-based ingredients to calm rosacea prone skin, provide antiseptic support, and improve dermal strength. You will leave with your skin feeling nourished and soothed from any irritations.

Adult Acne Facial (55 minutes)
Sometimes as adults our skin tries to revisit its teenage days. The Adult Acne Treatment utilizes lactic acid and a TCA peel to help normalize sebaceous gland secretions, tighten pores, and eliminate impurities which stimulates cell renewal. Conclude your facial with blue LED light therapy which targets to neutralize propionibacterium; the bacteria associated with acne.