Emsculpt has revolutionized the way body contouring is performed. It’s the only treatment that builds muscle. Four 30-minute treatments over a two-week period has changed a lot of lives. Abs are more defined and glutes are lifted.

At Elysium Aesthetics and Vein Care, Dr. David Singh offers Emsculpt. We routinely perform Emsculpt on patients with a BMI under 25. While diet and exercise are not necessary with the emsculpt procedure, I frequenly recommned a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Ideal patients for our practice are dose with a BMI under 25, and are active.

Emsculpt is only indicated for Abs, glutes, arms. If you are interested in other areas besides abs and glutes, then chances emsculpt is not for you.

Our Spring into summer promotion ends soon and offers $750 off the retail price. Call for a FREE consulation.