Liposuction is a way to remove excess fat from the body, resulting in more attractive contours and proportions. At this point, liposuction is a household name. However, when it comes to advanced techniques like SmartLipo, most people are still in the dark. What exactly is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo: State-of-the-Art Laser Liposuction

In the SmartLipo procedure, a tiny incision is made in the skin of the targeted area. A laser attached to a cannula is then placed under the surface. Dr. Singh adjusts the position of the device while using a red laser light for guidance.

Fat cells treated with the laser swell, pop, and then liquefy, making them easier to remove. After that, they are taken out of the body through the cannula and medical suction.

A side benefit of the procedure is that collagen production is stimulated by the heat of the laser energy. This results in the patient experiencing toned and tightened skin in the region over time, making the area look firmer and more youthful.

FAQs About SmartLipo

SmartLipo is quite effective and produces immediate and lasting results for those looking to reach their ideal body silhouette. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions that people have about SmartLipo.

Will the removed fat cells ever return? SmartLipo is fantastic because once the fat cells are destroyed, they will not return. However, failure to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen means that the fat cells in the surrounding areas may swell, which can affect your results.

Does SmartLipo help with weight loss? SmartLipo is not a procedure for weight loss. Instead, it is meant for spot reduction and contouring.

Does the procedure hurt? The process is painless, since patients are given anesthesia before the surgery. Some patients report very mild aches after the procedure; these may feel similar to post-workout soreness.

What Is Recovery Like?

Recovery from SmartLipo is a straightforward process. Because the laser energy makes the fat-removal process easier, SmartLipo results in less swelling and bruising than traditional liposuction. This results in an overall shorter and more comfortable recovery process.

Most people who opt for SmartLipo can return to work and resume their normal activities within a day or two of the procedure. Traditional liposuction often involves a recovery time of a few weeks, which makes SmartLipo the more desirable option.

Find Out More from a Consultation

As you can see, SmartLipo is an incredible modern alternative to traditional liposuction. It should be considered because the advantages are numerous. If you’d like to know more about SmartLipo, contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. David Singh, a skilled board-certified physician.

During your informative consultation, Dr. Singh will answer all the questions you have in a manner that’s satisfactory to you. He will go over the SmartLipo procedure in greater detail, including preparation and recovery steps. You will be able to discuss your aesthetic needs and goals and can look at before-and-after photos to have a better idea of your potential results.